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What is Scalp Micro-pigmentation???


It is essentially a hair tattoo!

Scalp Micro-Pigmentation (or SMP for short) is a non-surgical permanent cosmetic tattoo that adds density to

thin/thinning hair. SMP gives the look of thicker fuller hair.

Scalp micro pigmentation (SMP) can be performed on all skin types and shades. In contrast to other tattoos, this procedure does not penetrate the epidermal level of the skin as deeply (less pain), and the inks (or pigments) used are formulated specially for SMP to avoid color changes over time. One of the great advantages of this procedure is that it can be adjusted and freshened up with relative ease.


What are the benefits of SMP? 

  • Conceal scars from hair transplantation and surgery scars as well as visual impact of burns

  • Great for anyone and SMP is 100% customizable for your needs.

  • SMP will add density to your hair, making your hair look fuller.

  • Visually aid in hair loss through skin conditions such as alopecia.

  • Permanently blends the hair and scalp for both men and women

Over the years multiple clients have come to me almost defeated, asking what they can do about seeing their scalp through their thin hair. They have tried every product and color spray and wanted something better, something that they don't have to worry about any more. there has to be something, I thought. SoI searched and searched for a solution to help my clients feel the confidence they deserve! When I came across SMP I knew my clients would love it. It will literally change the lives of so many. So I got trained and certified to perform Scalp Micro-pigmentation.

 Now I look forward to helping my guests look and feel their absolute best!


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